How to Install Maven on Windows

In the tutorial, we show how to install Maven on Windows.

– Windows 10
– Java 10
– Lastest Maven 3.5.4

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Installed Java

Maven is written in Java -> Make sure you had installed Java.
Check it by cmd: java -version

Install-Maven-in-Windows +check-Java-version

Install Maven on Windows

Before install maven, check cmd mvn -v ->

Install-Maven-in-Windows +check-maven-cmd-before-install

Download Maven

Go to

-> Download latest Maven

Install-Maven-in-Windows +download-maven-3.5.4

Install Maven

Extract it, we get a folder apache-maven-3.5.4 ->

Install-Maven-in-Windows +extract-maven-3.5.4

Copy whole folder apache-maven-3.5.4 to C:\Program Files ->

Install-Maven-in-Windows +copy-maven-to-c-folder

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System, choose Advanced system settings.
Then add C:\Program Files\apache-maven-3.5.4\bin to Path variable ->


Finish the setup by press OK to apply all settings.

Check mvn -v ->

Install-Maven-in-Windows +maven-install-successfully

Now Maven is installed successfully!

By grokonez | August 20, 2018.

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