How to inject Collection in Spring


Spring supports us the way to inject Collection with type: List, Set, Map and Properties. So we can pass a bundle of direct data values or reference of beans to Collection Objects.

The tutorial shows you how to use XML configuration to do those things.

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I. Demo Video
II. Technology

– Java 1.8
– Maven 3.3.9
– Spring Tool Suite – Version 3.8.1.RELEASE
– Spring Boot: 1.4.0.RELEASE

III. Overview
1. Goal

To build an application that runs with bean customerService of class CustomerService which has many members under Collection Types: List, Set, Map, Properties (with primitive datatype and Java Class Objects):

2. Project Structure


3. Step to do

– Create Spring Boot project
– Create DataModels
– Create a Service
– Create Spring Bean Configuration File
– Create a Web Controller
– Run Spring Boot Application & Enjoy Result

IV. Practice
1. Create Spring Boot project

– Open Spring Tool Suite, on Menu, choose File -> New -> Spring Starter Project, then fill each fields:

Click Next, in Web: choose Web:

Click Finish. Spring Boot project will be created successfully.

2. Create DataModels

Under package model, create class Customer and

Content of

3. Create a Service

Under package service, create class CustomerService.

Content of

4. Create Spring Bean Configuration File

Under src/main/resources, create bean.xml:

5. Create a WebController

Under package controller, create class WebController.

6. Run Spring Boot Application & Enjoy Result

– Config maven build:
clean install
– Run project with mode Spring Boot App
– Check results:

Request 1

Request 2

Request 3

Request 4

V. Source Code


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