Cloud DataLab & Google Spreadsheet for Visualizing data with BigQuery

Google Cloud Datalab is a powerful interactive tool for visualizing data of Google Cloud. It runs locally and connects to cloud services for exploring data.

We also use Cloud DataLab & Google Spreadsheet for Exploring data with Bigquery.

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Spring XD Batch Job – How to Start

The Spring XD provides a one stop shop for Bigdata solution, is a unified, distributed, and extensible service for data ingestion, real time analytics, batch processing, and data export. The tutorial will guide you how to create a Batch Job Application with Spring XD.

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Spring Based Configuration – Java Annotation

Spring based configuration using Annotation help you to create Spring configurations without XML.
This tutorial give you an example with most of Spring Annotation for configuration: @Configuration, @Bean (with custom bean lifecycle method), @Import, @Scope. And they’re in multi-configuration context.

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Spring IoC Container

At the Core of Spring Framework, Spring IoC (Inversion of Control) is implemented using the Dependency Injection design pattern. The Spring IoC Container creates, configures and connects the objects (which are called Beans), then manage their life cycle.

This tutorial introduce principle of Spring IoC and a simple example using Containers to you.

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Spring Bean Post Processors

The BeanPostProcessor interface helps us provide our own methods before the initialization of beans and likewise after the initialization of the bean.

BeanPostProcessor are common for all beans in the container where it is defined, so it is different from @PostConstruct, InitializingBean and custom init method which are defined on the bean itself.

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Spring JPA Web Support

Spring JPA Web support ships by a module for convenient programming with repository model.
– A DomainClassConverter helps to resolve an repository instance from request parameters or path variables.
– HandlerMethodArgumentResolver is helper for resolving Pageable and Sort instances from request parameters.

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How to configure Apache Log4j2 with Spring Boot

Apache Log4j2 is an upgrade to Log4j that provides significant improvements over its predecessor, Log4j 1.x, and provides many of the improvements available in Logback while fixing some inherent problems in Logback’s architecture.The tutorial will introduce way to configure Log4j2 with Spring Boot

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Spring Bean Life Cycle – Callback Interface, Custom Method, Annotation, Aware Interface

Spring Bean Life Cycle is very important because in many applications, we want to create some operations before initializing a Bean or make some operations before bean’s destruction.

This tutorial introduce four ways to control life cycle events of a Bean.

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Spring Bean Scope using Annotation – Singleton, Prototype, Request, Session, Global Session, Application

The tutorial shows you the way to implement Bean Scopes (Singleton, Prototype, Request and Session) using Annotation @Scope. Except Singleton and Prototype Scope, the others are only valid in the context of a web-aware Application.

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Elasticsearch is a distributed, full-text search engine based on Lucene with JSON schema. It is an open source and implemented by Java.

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Spring Bean Scopes – Singleton and Prototype

Spring Bean Scopes helps you control the scope of the objects which are created from bean definition. This approach is wonderful because you can choose the scope by configuring bean instead of working at Java class level.

The Spring Framework supports 7 scopes, but this tutorial introduces you 2 of them: singleton scope and prototype scope. The others will be discussed in next article.

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How to inject Collection in Spring

Spring supports us the way to inject Collection with type: List, Set, Map and Properties. So we can pass a bundle of direct data values or reference of beans to Collection Objects.

The tutorial shows you how to use XML configuration to do those things.

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