NodeJS/Express + Bootstrap Filter Table + JQuery example

In the tutorial, we show how to implement Bootstrap Filter Table with JQuery and NodeJS/Express RestAPIs.

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Bootstrap does NOT support a typical component for filtering. So we can use JQuery to filter elements:

We create a NodeJS/Express project as below structure:

Run above project then makes a request http://localhost:8081

-> Bootstrap view:

NodeJS-Express-Bootstrap-Filter-Table-JQuery-all customers

-> Filter table:



Setting up NodeJS/Express project

Create a folder ‘NodeJS-Express-JQuery-Bootstrap-Filter-Tables’:

Then init NodeJS project, see prompts:

-> Install Express:

-> see package.json file:

Create Bootstrap views

./views/index.html file:

./views/404.html file:

Implement Jquery scripts

– For loading data and filter data, we implement a file ./resources/static/js/jquery-filter-table.js:

Create Express Routes

./app/routes/customer.route.js file:

Implement Controllers

./app/controllers/customer.controller.js file:

Implement Server.js

./server.js file:

Run & Check results

Start NodeJS server, then makes a request: http://localhost:8081
-> Logs:

-> Browser Network’s Logs:


-> Bootstrap views:

NodeJS-Express-Bootstrap-Filter-Table-JQuery-all customers

-> Filter:



To run below sourcecode, follow the guides:

step 0: download & extract zip file -> we have a folder ‘NodeJS-Express-JQuery-Bootstrap-Filter-Tables’
step 1: cd NodeJS-Express-JQuery-Bootstrap-Filter-Tables
step 2: npm install express body-parser –save
step 3: node server.js

-> Sourcecode:


By grokonez | May 10, 2018.

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