Multer – Build RestAPI to upload a MultipartFile to NodeJS/Express

In the tutorial, we show how to use Multer middleware for building a RestAPI to upload MultipartFile to NodeJS/Express web-application.

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Multer – Upload MultipartFile

Multer is a NodeJS middleware for handling multipart/form-data. It will not process any form which is not multipart (multipart/form-data). To install Multer module, use below command:

Follow below segment code to build RestAPIs for handling a uploaded file:

Multer provides a diskStorage engine that we have a full control on storing files to disk.

  • destination is used to determine within which folder the uploaded files should be stored.
  • filename is used to determine what the file should be named inside the folder.

How the below segment code work?

-> Multer adds a file object to the request object. req.file is the uploadfile file.

Below is an example of a file object:

fieldnameField name specified in the form
originalnameName of the file on the user’s computer
encodingEncoding type of the file
mimetypeMime type of the file
sizeSize of the file in bytes
destinationThe folder to which the file has been saved
filenameThe name of the file within the destination
pathThe full path to the uploaded file


We create a NodeJS/Express project as below structure:

Setting up NodeJS/Express project

Create a folder ‘NodeJS-Express-Multer-Upload-MultipartFile’:

Then init NodeJS project:

-> Install Express, Multer:

-> See package.json file:

Upload Router

./app/uploadfile/upload.multipartfile.js file:


./server.js file:

Run & Check results

Start NodeJS server, then make a POST request with PostMan:


-> Server Logs:

-> Uploaded File:



To run below sourcecode, follow the guides:

step 0: download & extract zip file -> we have a folder ‘NodeJS-Express-Multer-Upload-MultipartFile’
step 1: cd NodeJS-Express-Multer-Upload-MultipartFile
step 2: npm install express multer –save
step 3: node server.js
step 4: makes a POST request: http://localhost:8081/api/uploadfile

-> Sourcecode:


By grokonez | May 15, 2018.

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