Mongoose Many-to-Many related models with NodeJS/Express, MongoDB


In the tutorial, we will show you how to develop Mongoose Many-to-Many related documents with NodeJs/Express, MongoDB.

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In the above tutorial, we show how to build CRUD RestAPIs with NodeJS/Express and MongoDB using Mongoose:


In the tutorial, we show how to develop Mongoose Many-to-Many related documents with NodeJS/Express, MongoDB. Project structure:

Many-to-Many related models

For working with related documents, we use the ObjectId schema field.

-> SubjectSchema:

-> StudentSchema:

We can save all references to the related documents by assigning the _id value:

We use populate() to get the Subject information in Student:

We didn’t add our students to subjects, how to get all students that learnt the same particular subject?

-> One way, we create a references array field of students in SubjectSchema as below:

But What is problem with above way? -> We have two places where the information relating students and subjects needs to be maintained.

What is the better solution?

-> We get the _id of our subject, then use find() to search for this in the subjects field across all students.


Create a NodeJS/Express project

Following below guide: Crud RestAPIs with NodeJS/Express, MongoDB using Mongoose

See dependencies in ‘package.json’ file:

Create Model Schemas

Subject Schema

Student Schema


Init Data Route

Subject Routes

Student Routes


Init Data Controller

Subject Controller

Student Controller

Run & Check results

Run MongDB server by commandline:

Run NodeJS/Express application:

– Initial data
-> http://localhost:8081/api/init


– Get All Subjects
-> http://localhost:8081/api/subjects


– Get All Students
-> http://localhost:8081/api/students


– Find Student by Name
-> http://localhost:8081/api/students/Peter

– Find Students learnt a given subject Id
-> http://localhost:8081/api/students/subject/5ad006faa6996d2634ff65f5




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  1. Great article but I would like to know, how one can do this with the data coming from a form rather than the hard coded data used in this example?

  2. good one.
    how will we findout the students who are attending both maths and computer classes considering the fact that there are theree subjects taken up by students(maths, computer and Physics)

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