Integrate NodeJS/Express – JQuery Ajax POST/GET – Bootstrap view example


In the tutorial, we show how to integrate NodeJS/Express with JQuery Ajax POST/GET requests and Bootstrap view.

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We create a NodeJS/Express project as below structure:

Run above NodeJS/Express application then does POST/GET requests:



Setting up NodeJS/Express project

Create folder: nodejs-express-bootstrap and init nodejs application.

See prompts:

Now we have an package.json file in folder nodejs-express-jquery-ajax-bootstrap with content as below:

Installing Express

-> Check package.json file:

Implement Bootstrap views

./views/index.html file:

./views/404.html file:

Implement JQuery Ajax requests

– For JQuery Ajax POST request, we implement a ./public/js/postrequest.js file:

– For JQuery Ajax Get request, we implement a ./public/js/getrequest.js file:

Implement Express Routes

In main NodeJS app.js file, we implement Express routes:

Run & Check results

Run NodeJS application then makes requests:
->Server’s Logs:





By grokonez | May 3, 2018.

Last updated on April 15, 2019.

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2 thoughts on “Integrate NodeJS/Express – JQuery Ajax POST/GET – Bootstrap view example”

  1. Could you please explain the routing i.e. “api/customers/save” and “api/customers/all”?
    If I try to change to change the route for post request to “api/customers/submit” in both the app.js file and postrequest.js file…it shows an error, what is the reason for this?

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