NodeJS – GridFS APIs Upload/Download Files to MongoDB – Mongoose

NodeJS – GridFS APIs Upload_Download Files to MongoDB – Mongoose

In the tutorial, we show you how to build a NodeJS web-application that uses stream-based GridFS APIs with Mongoose to upload/download files to MongoDB.

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NodeJS MongoDB GridFS

The MongoDB Node.js driver supports a stream-based API for GridFS, so we can .pipe() directly from file streams to MongoDB.

We create a web-application that uses GridFS APIs to upload/download files:

Upload File

Download File

Delete File

Meta Information


In the tutorial, we create a NodeJS project as below structure:

Setting up NodeJS project

-> Install Express, GridFS-Stream, Mongoose:

-> See package.json file:

Implement Server.js

Run & Check results

– Upload files:

  • localhost:8081/api/file/upload?filename=jsa_about.txt
  • localhost:8081/api/file/upload?filename=jsa_vision.png
  • localhost:8081/api/file/upload?filename=jsa_cover.png

-> Check MongoDB GridFS:

– Download File request: http://localhost:8081/api/file/download?filename=jsa_cover.png


– Get meta information of files: http://localhost:8081/api/file/meta?filename=jsa_cover.png


– Delete a file request: http://localhost:8081/api/file/delete?filename=jsa_cover.png

-> Then check MongoDB after the deletion:


To run below sourcecode, follow the guides:

step 0: download & extract zip file -> we have a folder ‘NodeJS-GridFS-MongDB’
step 1: cd NodeJS-GridFS-MongDB
step 2: npm install express gridfs-stream mongoose –save
step 3: node server.js

-> Sourcecode:


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Last updated on April 13, 2019.

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