Convert Kotlin Map to List


In the tutorial, Grokonez will show you how to convert Kotlin Map to List.

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I. Convert Kotlin Map to List

1. Basic Method

– Use public fun Map.toList(): List> to returns a [List] containing all key-value pairs

– Use public Collection values() to return a view of the values:

– Use public Set keySet() to return a set view of the keys:

2. Map Object

– When working with Map Object, we can associate with map(transform: (T) -> R) function to customize a returned-list:

– Use MutableList interface to modifiable list:

II. Practice

1. Create model data

– Create an Address model:

– Create an Customer model:

2. Kotlin program

III. Sourcecode


By grokonez | December 11, 2017.

Last updated on February 6, 2020.

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