How to write Text File in Java by BufferedWriter

Java provides a BufferedWriter for writting content to File with high performance when performing with large number of write action. Because BufferedWriter decreases I/O interaction by using internal buffer to write data into File.
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I. BufferedWriter – Classis Approach (Java5, Java6)

Now C:\\test\\test.txt file with content:

For append data to an existed File, In constructor: public FileWriter(String fileName, boolean append)
set append = true
new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(FILE_NAME,true))

Content of C:\\test\\test.txt file:

II. BufferedWriter – Java 7 Approach

Implement With JAVA 7: use try-catch-resource
-> No need to CLOSE the buferedWriter after processing.

Code for Append content:

III. Sourcecode


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