Java 7 – try-with-resources Statement

Java 7 provides a new approach for closing resources with clean & clear code by try-with-resources statment. In the article, JavaSampleApproach will introduce the benifit when programming by try-with-resources statement.

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I. Concepts

What is a resource? An object that implements java.lang.AutoCloseable or is called a resource.
Some Java resource classes:
– java.sql.Statement

try-with-resources statement ensures that each resource is closed after completed execution of the statement.

II. Practice

For see benifits of try-with-resources statement, JavaSampleApproach makes an sample with BufferedReader for reading a text file.

1. Use Java6 or early version and Problems

– After reading a file, we take a risk if developers do Not remember to close resources.

– Source code is not clear & clean:

So how to improve it?

2. Java 7 – New Approach by try-with-resources statement

By try-with-resources statement, our code is clear and clean. Developers do NOT need to close the resources so one risk is auto removed.

That is better? Right!

IV. Source code


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