Jackson to convert Java Object to/from Json String

The tutorial will guide you how to use Jackson for converting Java object to Json and vice-versa.

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A. Introduce

Jackson is common library beside GSON that is used for serialize or map Java objects to JSON and vice versa.
The tutorial uses 2 methods for converting:
writeValueAsString(): Convert Java object to String as Json format
readValue(): Convert String with JSON format to Java object

B. Practice

I. Technologies

– Java 1.8
– Maven 3.3.9
– Spring Tool Suite – Version 3.8.1.RELEASE (It’s OK if you use Eclipse)

II. Overview
1. Project Structure

jackson project structure

2. Step to do

– Create Maven Project with Spring Toot Suite
– Add Jackson dependency
– Create Java model class
– Use Jackson functions for converting Java Object to Json and vice-versa
– Run & Check result

III. Practice
1. Create Maven Project with Spring Toot Suite

Open Spring Tool Suite, on main menu, choose File->New->Maven Project, check Create a simple project (skip archetype selection), press Next. Then input project info:

input json-jackson project info

Press Finish, Maven project is created successfully.

2. Add Jackson dependency

3. Create Java model class

– Create a Customer model class:

4. Use Jackson functions for converting Java Object to Json and vice-versa

– Convert Java Object to String as Json format, use writeValueAsString:

– Convert String as Json Format to Java Object, use: readValue

5. Run & Check result

– Full Application class:

– Run & Result:

IV. Source code

json-jackson sourcecode

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Last updated on June 24, 2017.

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