Java 9 Private Interface Method

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at Java 9 Private Interface Method which helps us avoid duplicate code and keep encapsulation for interface.

1. Java 8 – Interface

Java 8 provides 2 new features for Interface: default methods and static methods.

This is an example of Java 8 interface:

To make code easy to read and clear, we can create new register() method inside:

So, what is problem?
-> We don’t want to public register() method, it is just an inner private method which handles a specific function.
-> We don’t want another interface or class which implements this interface can access or inherit register() method.

2. Java 9 – new Interface

Java 9 makes those things convenient by providing a new feature for interface: private method/private static method.

For the example above, just change default modifier to private modifier:

That’s private interface method, simple but useful.

By grokonez | March 25, 2017.

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