Java 9 Diamond Operator for Anonymous Inner Classes


Java 7 has a new feature called Diamond Operator which helps to make code more readable, but it is still limited with Anonymous Inner Classes. In this article, we will introduce Java 9 Diamond Operator that can simplifies code and improves readability.

1. Diamond Operator Problem with Anonymous Inner Classes

Assume that we have MyHandler class:

With Java 8, we can write code like this for Anonymous Class:

But how about the cases with Diamond Operator as below:

We get the compile error: ‘<>‘ cannot be used with anonymous classes.

2. Java 9 Diamond Operator Improvement

Java 9 allows the Diamond Operator for Anonymous Inner Classes. Now we can write code easily without compile error:


Run code, the result shows:

By grokonez | March 26, 2017.

Last updated on September 11, 2018.

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