How to start with BigQuery – Google Cloud

Google BigQuery is a solution for query with massive datasets. Bigquery is a excellent solution of Google with Dremel technology. With Bigquery, no need hardware configuration, no need setup administration.

Tutorial will show you how to start with Bigquery with Java.

I. Technology for BigQuery tutorial

– Google Cloud
– Java 1.8
– Maven: 3.3.9
– Editor: Spring Tool Suite – Version 3.7.3.RELEASE

II. Overview

Sample of authentication with BigQuery and reading from a public wikipedia dataset.

1. Struct of Project

spring maven google bigquery - overvier structure

2. Step to do

– Create GoogleCloud Account
– Create Application Default Credentials
– Create Maven Project
– Add needed dependencies
– Create Java Authentication Client
– Create Java Query Execution
– Display Results
– Create Entry Point: Main function

III. Practices
1. Create GoogleCloud Account

– Go to GoogleCloud and register account

2. Create Application Default Credentials

Login to Google Cloud account, go to: API Console Credentials page

google bigquery - create credentials

Select a project or Create a project.

Note: For creating a project you can go the console: IAM-ADMI/PROJECTS

In the tutorial, I choose Select a project

google bigquery - select a google cloud project

In the tutorial, choose TestProject with ID: neon-deployment-141106
Press Open

Next, drop-down: Create Credentials, choose Service account key

google bigquery - create credentials - choose service account key

Next New Service Account, input info and choose KeyType is JSON, as below images:

google bigquery - create credentials - choose service account key -json

Press Create, and a JSON file is saved to local.
Place the Json file to a place for use later.

Format of Json file

3. Create Maven Project

– Open Spring Tool Suite, on main menu, File->New->Maven Project, then select create a simple project

spring maven - bigquery - create project

Press , input project info:

spring maven - bigquery - create project - input info

Then press Finish, Maven project is created.

4. Add needed dependencies

Open pom.xml, add needed dependecies

5. Create Java Authentication Client

Use Application Default Credentials for authentication

6. Create Java Query Execution

7. Display Results

8. Create Entry Point: Main function


Right Click on main class (, choose Run Configuration …, Set the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to the path of the JSON file

config google application variable

Press Appy then Run.


IV. Source code

google bigquery – java source code

By grokonez | August 29, 2016.

Last updated on June 4, 2017.

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2 thoughts on “How to start with BigQuery – Google Cloud”

  1. return new Bigquery.Builder(transport, jsonFactory, credential)
    .setApplicationName(“Bigquery Samples”)
    In the above line of code…there is compilation issue for builder method. please explain.

    1. You can see the segment code:
      HttpTransport transport = new NetHttpTransport();
      JsonFactory jsonFactory = new JacksonFactory();
      GoogleCredential credential = GoogleCredential.getApplicationDefault(transport, jsonFactory);

      1. HttpTransport transport is the protocol that uses HttpClient to transfer data and implements thread-safe
      2. JsonFactory jsonFactory is the Json factory for converting data as JSON format
      3. GoogleCredential credential is oauth2 for authentication

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