Cloud DataLab & Google Spreadsheet for Visualizing data with BigQuery

Google Cloud Datalab is a powerful interactive tool for visualizing data of Google Cloud. It runs locally and connects to cloud services for exploring data.

We also use Cloud DataLab & Google Spreadsheet for Exploring data with Bigquery.

I. Cloud DataLab with BigQuery
1. Setup DataLab

Run Google Cloud Datalab with Docker


2. Bigquery and Charting

On browser, go to: http://localhost:8081/tree/datalab/docs/notebooks/tutorials/Data
Note: Please SignIn with Google Cloud Account by the Button at the top-left side of menu.
Enter: Interactive Charts with Google Charting APIs.ipynb,
Here are lots of charting which is coming with a Bigquery. So you can create a Chart for visualizing data of your BigQuery.




google datalab charting

With Google DataLab, you can create a lots of charting type:

II. Google Spreadsheet with BigQuery

Go to Google Sheet, install Add-ons: OWOX BI BigQuery Reports.
Use, Add-ons: OWOX BI BigQuery Reports to create a Add a new report

add-new-report google cloud datalab
add-new-report google cloud datalab

Select a Google Bigquery Project, then create a Query:



Then press Save & Run, We have a table result.
Now on menu bar, select Insert->Chart, We have a list of recommended charts, you can choose them or customization


By grokonez | September 18, 2016.

Last updated on June 4, 2017.

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