Angular 6 – Upload/Get MultipartFile to/from Spring Boot Server

When uploading files to Servlet containers, application needs to register a MultipartConfigElement class. But Spring Boot makes thing more easy by configuring it automatically. In this tutorial, we’re gonna look at way to build an Angular 6 App Client to upload/get MultipartFile to/from Spring Boot RestApi Server.

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I. Technologies

– Angular 6
– Java 1.8
– Spring Boot 2.0.3.RELEASE
– Maven 3.3.9
– Spring Tool Suite 3.9.0.RELEASE

II. Overview

1. Spring Boot Server


StorageService helps to init, delete all files, store file, load file
UploadController uses StorageService to provide Rest API: POST a file, GET all files to configure parameters such as MultipartFile max size…
– Spring Boot Starter Web dependency in pom.xml

2. Angular 6 App Client


upload-file.service provides methods: push File to Storage and get Files.
list-upload.component gets and displays list of Files.
form-upload.component helps upload File.
details-upload.component is detail for each item in list of Files.


III. Practice

1. Spring Boot Server
1.1 Create Spring Boot project

With Dependency:

1.2 Create Storage Service for File Systems

Create StorageService with 4 functions:
– public void store(MultipartFile file): save a file
– public Resource loadFile(String filename): load a file
– public void deleteAll(): remove all uploaded files
– public void init(): create upload directory


1.3 Create Upload Controller


1.4 Config multipart


spring.servlet.multipart.max-file-size: limit total file size for each request.
spring.servlet.multipart.max-request-size: limit total request size for a multipart/form-data.

1.5 Init Storage for File System

2. Angular 6 App Client
2.0 Generate Service & Components

Run commands below:
ng g s upload/UploadFile
ng g c upload/FormUpload
ng g c upload/ListUpload
ng g c upload/DetailsUpload
On each Component selector, delete app- prefix, then change tslint.json rules"component-selector" to false.

2.1 App Module


2.2 Upload File Service


2.3 Component for getting List of Files





2.4 Component for uploading File



2.5 App Component



2.6 Integrate Spring Boot Server with Angular 6 client

– Create proxy.conf.json file under project:

– Edit package.json file for ‘start’ script:

3. Check Results

Run Spring Boot Server and Angular 6 Client App (npm start).
Open Browser with url http://localhost:4200/.

Upload files and show list of Files:


Inside Spring Project folder, open upload-dir folder:


IV. Sourcecode


By grokonez | June 27, 2018.

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  1. I used a majority of the shown code and it works well with Angular 6 and Java 8.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to write this tutorial.

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