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From Redux Introduction, we know that there is only a single Store in a Redux application. When we want to split data-handling logic, we will combine Reducers instead of using many Stores. This tutorial shows you way to use Redux combineReducers() function in a Redux example.

Full example with filtering and sorting: Redux Reducer example – filter & sort data



If we have state whose values seem to correspond to different reducing functions like this:

We won’t use only one Reducer to handle Action logic but two Reducers: one for books, and one for filters. Now, combineReducers() comes to be the solution.
It combines 2 reducing functions into a single reducing function that can be passed to createStore():

combineReducers rules

The Reducer that is passed to combineReducers() function must satisfy these rules:
– For unrecognized Action: return the given state as the first argument.
(we usually return state in default case of switch statement)
– Never return undefined.
– If the given state is undefined: return the initial state. So the initial state must not be undefined either.

Example Description

We will create a Redux Application that has:
– state that contains 2 components: books array and filters.
– 3 types of Actions:
+ 'ADD_BOOK', 'REMOVE_BOOK' for books.
+ 'FILTER_TEXT' for filters.
– 2 child Reducers (booksReducer and filtersReducer) that will be combined using combineReducers() function.

We can add/remove books to/from books, set filters.text value.


Setup environment

In package.json:

Then run cmd yarn install.

Add plugin to .babelrc:

Create Redux Actions
Book Actions

Filter Actions

Create Redux Reducer
Books Reducer

Filters Reducer

Create Redux Store

Subscribe & Unsubscribe

Run and Check result

Full code:

Result in Browser Console:


Source code


For running:
yarn install
yarn run dev-server or yarn run build, then yarn run serve.

By grokonez | April 13, 2018.

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