Style React Application – apply SCSS/CSS files to React with Webpack

In this tutorial, we’re gonna look at how to style a React Application (apply SCSS/CSS files to React Application) with Webpack.

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We had created a React Application like this:


Today we will know way to decorate it:


How to

Install Packages

We need style-loader, css-loader, sass-loader, node-sass for applying CSS, SCSS file:

Run cmd yarn install to add these packages to our application.

Configure Webpack

Create Styles


styles.scss imports all scss/css files:

base/settings.scss contains global variables for styling colors or size:

base/base.scss is for base configuration such as font or background:

– Each Component has corresponding SCSS file inside components folder.
– We also have container.scss and button.scss for useful class items that may be used frequently.

Add Styles to Components

To use the styles that we create in SCSS/CSS files, just put it as className HTML attribute.
For example:

In app.js, import styles.scss:

Source code


For running:
yarn install
yarn run dev-server or yarn run build, then yarn run serve.

By grokonez | April 8, 2018.

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