How to Integrate Bootstrap with Angular (Angular 6)

Bootstrap is a web development framework for more faster and easier that includes HTML and CSS based responsive design templates. So in the tutorial, we show how to integrate Bootstrap with Angular project.

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  • Node.js – version v10.4.0
  • Angular – version 6
  • Bootstrap – 3.x & 4.x
  • Visual Studio Code – version 1.24.0


After tutorial, we can integrate Bootstrap to Angular project.

-> Project structure:

Angular-6-Bootstrap + Project-Structure

-> results:

Angular-6-Bootstrap + integrate-results

Integrate Bootstrap with Angular project

We have 3 approaches:

  • Include Bootstrap from CDN
  • Include Local Bootstrap
  • Install Bootstrap via NPM

– Create an Angular project:

Angular-6-Bootstrap + Create-Angular-Project

– Generate 3 components {BootstrapJumbotron, BootstrapTable, BootstrapModel}

Angular-6-Bootstrap + Generate-Angular-Components

Change AppComponent template file app.component.html as below:

Include Bootstrap from CDN
Bootstrap 3

Include Bootstrap 3 Style & JQuery Script from CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ‘index.html’ file.

-> Details:





Bootstrap 4

Include Bootstrap 4 Style & JQuery Script from CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ‘index.html’ file.

-> Details:





Include Local Bootstrap

Please follow below links to download Bootstrap:

Create bootstrap folder under /src folder, then add bootstrap-4.1.1-dist with Bootstrap 4 (or bootstrap-3.3.7-dist with Bootstrap 3).

Download JQuery at link: jquery-3.3.1.min.js. Then create a jquery folder under /src folder -> Add jquery-3.3.1.min.js file to it:

Angular-6-Bootstrap + add-bootstrap-jquery-folders

Configure Bootstrap & JQuery in angular.json file:


"styles": [
"scripts": [

Install Bootstrap via NPM

Use NPM to download Bootstrap & JQuery. Bootstrap and jQuery will be installed into the node_modules folder.

– With Bootstrap 3, use cmd:

npm install bootstrap@3.3.7 jquery --save

– With Bootstrap 4, use cmd:

npm install bootstrap jquery --save

Configure installed Bootstrap & JQuery in angular.json file:


"styles": [
"scripts": [

Bootstrap Code
Bootstrap Jumbtron

In BootstrapJumbotronComponent component, modify template bootstrap-jumbotron.component.html file with jumbotron class:

Bootstrap - Angular

JavaSampleApproach guides how to integrate Bootstrap with Angular project!

Bootstrap Table

In BootstrapTableComponent component, modify bootstrap-table.component.ts class as below:

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'app-bootstrap-table',
  templateUrl: './bootstrap-table.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./bootstrap-table.component.css']

export class BootstrapTableComponent{
  CUSTOMERS: Customer[] = [
    {id: 1, firstname: 'Mary', lastname: 'Taylor', age: 24},
    {id: 2, firstname: 'Peter', lastname: 'Smith', age: 18},
    {id: 3, firstname: 'Lauren', lastname: 'Taylor', age: 31}

class Customer {
  id: number;
  firstname: string;
  lastname: string;
  age: number

Then use Bootstrap table class to modify template file bootstrap-table.component.html :

Id FirstName LastName Age
{{ }} {{ customer.firstname }} {{ customer.lastname }} {{ customer.age }}
Bootstrap Modal

In BootstrapModalComponent component, modify template bootstrap-modal.component.html file as below:


Run & Check Results

Run above Angular project by cmd: ng serve --open

Angular-6-Bootstrap + integrate-results

-> Open Modal:

Angular-6-Bootstrap + integrate-results-modal


How to run the below sourcecode:

1. Download file -> Then extract it to Integrate-Angular-Bootstrap folder.
2. Go to Integrate-Angular-Bootstrap folder
3. Run the app by commandline: ng serve --open

-> Source Code:


By grokonez | June 21, 2018.

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