Angular 6 + SpringBoot RestAPIs + ActiveMQ Producer/Consumer example

In the tutorial, we show how to Producer/Consumer data from ActiveMQ with Angular 6 & SpringBoot RestAPIs.

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  • Java 1.8
  • Maven 3.3.9
  • Spring Tool Suite – Version 3.9.4.RELEASE
  • Spring Boot: 2.0.3.RELEASE
  • ActiveMQ
  • Angular 6


We create a Spring JMS ActiveMQ with JMS Producer & JMS Consumer as below:

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer +springboot-project-structure

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer + activemq-producer-consumer

Then expose RestAPIs to POST/GET data to/from ActiveMQ:

  • @PostMapping(value="/api/task")
  • @GetMapping(value="/api/tasks")

Use Angular Client to submit/get data from ActiveMQ via above RestAPI:

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer +add-new-task

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer +processing-all-task

ActiveMQ state:

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer + activemq-state


SpringBoot Backend
Setup SpringBoot project

Use SpringToolSuite to create a SpringBoot project with below dependencies:

ActiveMQ Connection Factory

ActiveMqConnectionFactoryConfig ->

Add ActiveMQ configuration in ->

Data Model

– Create Task model ->

– Create MessageStorage to storage Task list ->

Create a bean for MessageStorage ->

JMS Producer

JmsProducer send messages to ActiveMQ ->

JMS Consumer

JmsConsumer recieves messages from ActiveMQ ->

Rest APIs

RestAPI ->

Angular Frontend
Setup Angular Project

Setup guide:

  • Create Angular project with commandline: ng new angular6-client
  • Generate Task model with commandline ng generate class Task
  • Generate TaskService with commandline ng generate service Task
  • Generate TaskComponent with commandline ng generate component Task

Then install Bootstrap by commandline ->

>npm install bootstrap jquery --save

Configure installed Bootstrap & JQuery in angular.json file ->

Data Model

Task ->

Implement HttpClient Service

TaskService ->

Implement ActiveMQ Component

activemq-task.component.html ->

activemq-task.component.ts ->

– Create style file assets/forms.css ->

– Add above style file assets/forms.css to index.html file ->

– Add app-activemq-task selector to app.component.html file ->

Run & Check Results

– Build & Run SpringBoot project with commandlines {mvn clean install, mvn spring-boot:run}.
– Run the Angular project as commandline: ng serve

Add Task ->

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer +add-new-task

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer +submit-successfully

Get Tasks ->

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer +processing-all-task

ActiveMQ state ->

Angular-6-Spring-Boot-RestAPI-ActiveMQ-Producer-Consumer + activemq-state



By grokonez | August 14, 2018.

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