Java Design Pattern – Builder Pattern

Builder Pattern is under creational pattern for building a complex object in software development. JavaSampleApproach introduces reasons and how to program with Builder Pattern.

I. Problems

For initializing an object, constructor is a common solution. Example with Customer class:


But problems come when Customers class has lots of fields (from 10 to 20 fields or more fields in real-world base on business rules). So it makes be more harder for programming when mapping the right order of each fields in a contructor with lots of parameters. And it also makes be hard for reading the sourcecode.

One solution can be used is setter methods. But it will make another risk when developers forget to set status for any field of an object by setter methods.

II. Solution with Builder Pattern

– Builder Pattern is the best way for building a complex object. That makes sourcecode be more readable.

Sample with Customer class & Builder Pattern:


III. Source code

Builder Pattern

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