Java Future

In multithreaded programming, Java Future with Callable is very important for tasks which we want to know status and get the returned object.

This article give us an example for how to work with Future and Callable inside.

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Jackson to convert Java Object to/from Json String

The tutorial will guide you how to use Jackson for converting Java object to Json and vice-versa.

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Java 8 – Method References

Method References make it clear when referring to the existing method by name.

In the article Lambda Expressions and Functional Interfaces, we use lambda expressions to create anonymous methods and sometimes, calling an existing method is the only thing it does.

When using lambda expression without input arguments or those input arguments doesn’t make sense, we can use Method References to simplify the syntax.

This tutorial introduces four kinds of Method References and how to use them efficiently with some Functional Interfaces.

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Java 8 – Functional Interfaces

Functional Interfaces is one of the new important things of Java 8. In previous article, we had a little view about common use cases of Lambda Expression including Runnable and ActionListener. They are example of Functional Interfaces.

This tutorial helps you have deeper concept of Functional Interface, then some interfaces which are provided in java.util.function package such as Predicate and Function.

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